I guess the great thing that John taught him more than anyone else was to be sparing in the way that he played. The fact that Bonzo was/is as yet, the greatest Exponent of true drumming in the rock’n roll idiom - passing that treaty on to his son was the most important thing – to be sparing – let everybody else go mad.
— Robert Plant on Jason Bonham
We were rehearsing for the Atlantic reunion – it was the first time I really ever played with Jason but he really knows all of the stuff very, very well. We were playing away on some number. I just naturally went into a very old fill that I used to do and he was right there with me – and it’s one of those things that bass players and drummers only do when they’ve been married for ten years and we went straight into it … and I just looked around and he went - ‘Chicago 1975!’
— John Paul Jones on Jason Bonham


Jason plays these songs like nobody else. There’s a few people that think they can play them like him, but nobody can, and they know who they are. As long as Jason does this with a smile, he has my blessing.
— Robert Plant on Jason Bonham
A band of players, not actors. A tour de force…
— David Fricke, Senior Editor, Rolling Stone Magazine on JBLZE
I was absolutely flawed by this show…………by far the best………………they sound unbelievable………….I cannot think of ever having heard anybody play Zeppelin better than these guys…
— Eddie Trunk, Legendary Rock Journalist, Radio and TV broadcaster on JBLZE


Bonham’s touring band is about as authentic a Zeppelin performance as we’re likely to see these days.
Close your eyes and it’s like hearing Robert Plant singing in his prime.
The band, the stories, the music… so organic and authentic to the original artist. Jason Bonham’s perspective, drumming and creation are spot on. You could close your eyes and listen...and what you hear is John Bonham, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones.
Someone channelled John Bonham and his name was Jason. Zeptaculous show!
Stellar performances by all, they nailed it from the first note. It was like dropping the needle into the vinyl grooves and closing your eyes...
I had very high expectations coming into this concert and they still BLEW them away. These guys were out of this world! Instrumentally, you could close your eyes and you would think it’s Zeppelin.
I would never have guessed any band could do Led Zeppelin as well as Jason Bonham did - it was incredible - better than incredible - and the spirit of the show was fabulous.